Support Crew

There is much more to the race than the 20 runners racing along a 120-Mile relay course. A great deal of training, preparation and logistics goes into planning for a successful and safe race. There are strict rules in place to ensure the safety of each participant and every team is required to supply support personnel for their runners. There is the need for follow and shuttle vans, race route personnel, supplies and lodging. Additionally, the team could not survive without the generous support of our office and community sponsors. These organizations, businesses and individuals donate their time, money, or efforts to ensure our success.

Stage Captain

Stage Captains represent the team captain at each stage. They will coordinate operations with the runners, catchers and transport personnel. It is important that the stage captain has the pending stage runner checked in with the race officials; 30-minutes prior to the start of their leg. Radio communications will be available in order to stay in contact with the follow vehicle; thereby having current progress information about the runner on the course.


Shuttle drivers will transport runners and support personnel to their designated staging area along the race route. The driver shall make sure no one is left behind. The support coordinator will establish a transportation schedule for the runners.


Catcher duties involve meeting the incoming runner at each staging area. The catchers shall shadow the possibly exhausted runner to ensure they are able to walk on their own and do not need medical attention. If requested, the catcher will provide the runner with fluids and comfort items (i.e. towels, clothing). The support coordinate will establish a schedule for the shift of catchers. The past practice has been to team the catchers with the stage captains and shuttle drivers on same shift.



Follow Vehicle

The Follow-Vehicle or "FV" will pursue the runners throughout the entire race course; over the duration of the race; and from the starting line to the finish line. Personnel in the vehicle will have the important duty of monitoring the health and safety of the runner on the course. Aside from the driver of the follow vehicle, there will be a time keeper and alternate runner. The team /support coordinator will schedule shifts of personnel to be in the follow vehicle.



The follow vehicle driver requires someone that is able to perform multiple tasks. You must maintain a safe distance behind our runner (within the rules & regulations of the race; for details click here); thereby protecting the runner from on-coming traffic or other follow-vehicles on the road. The driver must be in constant radio communication with the other team follow vheicles in the vicinity to ensure the safety of ALL runners on the course.  You must be cognizant of approaching runners from another team and be vigilant to signs or directions from your own runner.

Time Keeper

Time keepers ride in the follow vehicle and monitor individual runner times and monitor the runners' physical condition. They further assist the runner by providing split times as requested, offer words of encouragement to the runner during his/her leg, and provide the necessary refreshments to the runners upon request. Most importantly, they are a second set of eyes for the driver when it comes to the safety of our runner and other runners on the course.

Alternate Runner

The alternate runner is in the follow vehicle in case the current runner becomes injured or no longer able to continue the race. The team will incur a time penalty for employ the use of an alternate runner. The replacement runner will now continue with the race until the next staging area. The follow vehicle members onscene will render aid to the runner who left the race. Radio communications in the follow vehicle will be used to coordinate the recovery of the replaced runner and the addition of a "new" alternate runner.